Thursday, January 1, 2015

On 2015...

A new year has begun.. People wonder what it will bring and hope and pray that it will be better than their last. People bank their whole lives on that last leaf unfolding, on that last digit flipping and the dawn of the new year showing its first light.

What is a year but a number? A mere date on our calendar, just another day...

And what is hope but the fantasies of a lazy species sitting lax watching life pass them by and riding its coat tails; more often than not missing the ride because it was faster than their actions...?

Days, weeks, months and years are all the same. What differentiates them is what we do to give them value- make them count. We can watch them and let chance live our lives for us, or we can create these chances and live our own.

Accomplishing all we wish for requires planning and execution. Setting specific deadlines and holding ourselves responsible for meeting them is a good start. Statistics have shown that people with written goals are more likely to be successful than those who have not written them down.

The whole point of this rant is: don't blame last year for not being good to you and don't ask 2015 to bring you health and prosperity. Tell yourself and then blame yourself for not listening...

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