Sunday, January 25, 2015


It's not easy to lose something.. Or someone.. It's not easy to have something and suddenly not have it anymore. A loss is a loss with varying degrees of difficulty. The more attached you are to it the harder it is to come to terms with losing it. 

Sometimes you lose someone who was once close and that loss manifests itself into great lament. Why did I not pick up the phone when she called? Why wasn't I there when she needed me? Why didn't I call her the other day? Moments that you could have had but didn't because you've taken life for granted. A life so short you one day sit and wonder where it went.. And we keep doing it over and over again.. Taking life for granted.. Because we lost a friend once surely it won't happen again? Not twice.. Not to us.. Well it does happen. All the time. To everyone..

Sometimes you mourn the loss of something you don't even have.. It is something for which you had been hoping and praying but then you lose that hope.. That's probably the worst kind of loss. Because hope is something you always have and when what you're hoping for doesn't happen it's a loss that occurs over and over again. It's the same redundant sadness that just doesn't get any better.. It's a loss you keep losing..

No words of advice here.. I cannot preach what I do not know. All I can say is I'll try not to take it for granted.. Life I mean.. But also everyone around me.  It's not worth the guilt..

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