Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Love what you do

Do what you love. And if you can’t do that then love what you do. And if you can’t do that then do what you love while you do what you do. Surely that’s doable?


I hear many people grumble and whine about their jobs and how they have difficulties waking up in the morning and going to work. Sure we can talk about how employers should take measures to increase employee engagement until we’re blue in the face but let’s leave out all the uncontrollable variables and consider what we can do ourselves for a change!


We are all intelligent beings we just choose to use as little as possible of this God-given gift. That is probably because we got so used to things being handed to us such as knowledge and opportunities and sometimes even happiness that we slowly “unlearn” how to do these things ourselves. And when they’re not handed to us we see them handed to someone else and we assume that it is our God-given right and so we wait for the handout to come.


It seems that people need the proverbial knock on the head to help them realize that life don’t work that way. Whereas in the past opportunities were plentiful and happiness was a literal walk in the park we are in an age where there is a human resource surplus and a severe shortage of every other type of resource. Rewards, extrinsic and otherwise, are scarce and distributed thinly among many. Enjoyment has been redefined with technology and opportunities have been redesigned to “whatever the hell job I can find!”


This is the age of emotional intelligence…


We used to teach it to staff to prepare them for today. But today came and hardly anyone developed the basic skill of self-management. An employee is no longer excited about her job and waits for it to spontaneously get exciting. Another employee chooses a job that pays a great deal of money but then discovers it is not what he loves to do so he decides to withdraw and disengage and negatively influence everyone else around him. Why? Because the organization has not “done” one thing or another for him. 


We often say that organizations need to deal with people as human beings not “resources”. They are unique beings who have needs and desires… yeah well so does my cat. Should I be feeding and emptying your litterbox too? You know what my cat does when I don’t scratch her chin? She goes and rubs it against the corner of the table. Even cats can satisfy themselves! Why can’t we??


Also, organizations are people too! Yes there is a CEO and her team and they are all people. They take decisions every day; some wise and others no so much. Some will impact the masses and some will impact a few. Bottom line is, they’re human, they make mistakes, and take decisions that will not be favored by all so there’s no point waiting for them to make you happy.




Do you know who cares? YOU! Ain’t nobody going around spreading joy. And if Santa Clause even exists, he only does this once a year. So what will you do for the other 364 days?


Moral of the story: don’t focus on what you cannot control but focus on yourself and how you can change your circumstances, or control your emotions so that you can accept them.